The aim of the Fiasco Awards is rewarding the best projects in the ICT field that have ended up as a FIASCO. We want to promote a critical spirit, a positive attitude towards the obstacles in the road to success, and why not? let's admit it: to have fun. More »
Don't be afraid (D'on ve el fred? - ¿Dónde vive Alfredo?)

The Fiasco Awards Team - FAT - will validate nominations in accordance to our legal standards and "fair play". We want to ensure that the nominations submitted are true and are aligned in form and content with the objectives and spirit of the Fiasco Awards.

To validate a candidate, it must meet each and every one of the following criteria:

  • Field: nominations have to make reference to proposals related to the information and communication technologies (ICT), with no geographical limitations of any kind.

  • Project oriented: Initiatives, projects, campaigns, products or services promoted, developed or provided by individuals groups, institutions or companies may win the award. individuals or legal entities as such cannot win the award

  • Administrative points candidate applications must include an answer to all the points required on the form.

  • Identification: candidates cannot be submitted anonymously.

  • Respect: nominations cannot be offensive, or attempt against the honor of individuals, groups, institutions or companies, or make defamatory statements.

  • Objectivity: nominations cannot be based on subjective arguments such as personal affinity or political ideas, or ideological, religious or moral motivations...

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