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Finalist Fiascos
Windows Vista


Windows Vista is the operating system that Microsoft released January 30, 2007 to replace Windows XP. Among many other things, Microsoft introduced the new system saying that it improved the indexing system, provided new tools for multimedia creation and, above all, was safer than its predecessor, much criticized in this regard. In Catalonia, in addition, Windows Vista was the first version that could be purchased in Catalan.

The fiasco

The expectation created by Microsoft with its Windows Vista only magnified the fiasco: many users were surprised at the many requirements that their computers hat to have in order to run it normally and, in many cases, it was necessary to change the machine to use it. In addition, the new operating system was too complex, and had compatibility problems with many programs and hardware drivers. With all these obstacles, many users and organizations chose not to install it and stay with Windows XP: even computer manufacturers recommended that. Indeed, 66% of the market still runs the previous system.

Over two years, the company has been forced to provide constant updates, and with the recent presentation of Windows 7, Microsoft has implicitly recognized the fiasco.

What have we learnt out of it?

An operating system must be robust and reliable. Users do not accept the need of constant updates, which are interpreted as patchs that should have been anticipated before launch. Before marketing a software or an operating system it should be submitted to all necessary tests to ensure its functionality and performance. In this sense, one can say that Microsoft's strategy was entirely wrong, and its only outcome has been bringing discredit to the company.

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