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Finalist Fiascos
Autonomix, the Free Software packs distributed by public administrations


Among Linux's distributions sponsored by the different public administrations we find initiatives like Linkat, Lliurex, LinEx or Guadalinex. This distributions follow a top to bottom philosophy, which means that institutions lead the project without taking into account the user or developers' communities real needs.

The fiasco

Administrations stimulating the use of free software, and using it themselves, is a respectable option, as it supports the philosophy underlying open source and represents considerable savings for the administration. However, it could be argued that a dedicated distribution is not the best option to achieve these objectives.

We cannot make generalizations, but it can be asserted the majority of the administrations' Linux distributions have not reached the general public and have not transcended the doors of the administration's premises, where, on top of it, have clashed with civil servant reluctance to use them.

What have we learnt out of it?

The fiasco of the public administrations' Linux distributions deserves a couple of considerations: is it effective to engage in several, disperse, initiatives? Is there really a need to intervene and finance with public resources public distributions when the market already offers multiple free solutions?.

Moreover, administrations engaging in spreading Linux distributions clashes with the transversal spirit of the developers' communities.

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