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Finalist Fiascos


XING is a networking platform on the Internet. It defines itself as the most international professional network with over 8 million users in 200 countries. It offers users a social infrastructure and a range of networking applications for professional practice in all sectors and in different languages.

The company XING was born in Germany under the name of OpenBC and gained ground buying and integrating social networks such as Neurona and eConozco.

The fiasco

The competition of the XING platform is LinkedIn, which has a higher number of users. The fiasco is linked to XING's trajectory.

Before joining XING Neurona had a significant reputation, and rumors said it would remain a separate platform from XING because of its particularity. But at the end everything was integrated, and Neurona lost its reputation.

Furthermore, the initiation of the XING platform coincided with the increasing number of users in LinkedIn. Additionally, certain free features of the Neurona platform became payment functions, while LinkedIn interaction possibilities offered more and more applications.

All this has meant that now we find more contacts, more institutions and more varied activity on the LinkedIn platform than on XING (although at the beginning of professional networks, Neurona-XING was the leader).

What have we learned?

In the Internet world, companies must move fast, constantly offering new services and improvements in the platforms. LinkedIn gained ground on XING by being more innovative and understanding their users better. XING lost momentum from Neurona by not understanding their audience and their needs for interaction.

Therefore, we must learn to value the customers or users, and meet their needs.

XING has improved its image and functionality, and has eliminated some payment service restrictions. However, most professionals still find more contacts and more entities in the platform of the competition.

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