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Don't be afraid (D'on ve el fred? - ¿Dónde vive Alfredo?)
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DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a generic term referring to the access control technologies used by publishers and copyright owners to "limit" or "manage" the use of media and digital devices.

They are mostly used by audiovisual companies. The business model associated with DRM systems relate to tariffs on the copies made of the original work. There are various DRM mechanisms, which have similar characteristics, such as detection of who accesses content, the approval or denial of access and restrictions. They are present in the film industry, music - CDs or internet-, e-books, documents and software.

The fiasco

In practice, all DRM systems have been circumvented or defeated when the system has been distributed to enough customers, and do not reap the benefit from which they were designed.

About the use of DRM, Apple's Steve Jobs himself asked in 2007 that they should not be used. Above, the DRM in Windows Vista or the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD were cracked. Organizations such as the SGAE, a controversial Spanish entity that manages copyrights, have tended more to ensure the fees of private copying than the use of DRM systems... But that's another issue!

What have we learned?

The technology is not powerful enough to go against social tendencies. If people see no harm in making copies of digital content, no technological tool will stop it, nor will any law.

If we want to change the trends of our society, we need to go in other directions.

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