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Finalist Fiascos


Presented on the 27th of January, the iPad is a tablet PC developed by Apple that will soon be available in the market with different models.

Following closely the design of their brethren iPhone and iTouch, the main innovation is simple: the size of the device, which many now simply call "Big- iPhone" (although it should be "Big-iTouch" because it does not allow outgoing calls).

Apple introduces the iPad as the best way to enjoy the web, e-mail, photographs and videos, and has potential as an e-Book or simply to play.

The fiasco

Barack Hussein Obama, 44th President of the USA since January 20, 2009, was awarded on the 9th of October that year with the Nobel Peace Prize. With this premise in mind, why should we not nominate the iPad for the Fiasco Award 2010?

In fact, the reception of the iPad has been in itself a fiasco: the community of Apple users, always enthusiastic, has received it with a remarkable skepticism, perhaps resulting from the uncertainty of "what is it?".

Among its shortcomings, one can highlight the incompatibility with Flash content and applications not distributed through the Apple Store. Furthermore, it has no camera, so you cannot make video chats. The iPad does not work in multitask mode: you cannot listen to music while surfing the internet or chatting.

The virtual keyboard for text input is really uncomfortable (considering its size and weight, it is difficult to hold it and type at the same time, and must be supported). It has no USB or FireWire port or video output (not HDMI or DVI). In addition, the SIM card it uses for 3G connections (data) is not standard, but "Micro SIM" (the only device that uses this format today is the iPad).

Finally, the screen format is not Widescreen, but the traditional 4:3, and it doesn't allow calls. In short, the iPad is a Tablet PC with a few possibilities for compatibility with third-party software or hardware, and probably will have to focus in users from a new market (currently, its most common market is among young people, but those more familiar with the technology may choose to purchase a laptop at the same price as the iPad).

What have we learned?

Given the youth of the candidate, in this case perhaps we should say: What could we learn if it is confirmed to be a Fiasco? Apple has tightened the screws too much and has led the brand loyalty of customers at a point where it can be overcome by network externalities, with concepts as basic today as connectivity, interoperability, open systems, or standardization. Time will tell.

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