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Don't be afraid (D'on ve el fred? - ¿Dónde vive Alfredo?)
Finalist Fiascos


PSP GO! is the latest variation of the portable entertainment console from Sony. Four changes have taken place in the console, which are taking out features, adding others, reducing the size and increasing the price.
Sony wanted to innovate with a console that is intended as a comprehensive multimedia entertainment tool, giving the machine a good media player, internet and video games.

The fiasco

With the resulting product in our hands, there is not a very noticeable economic investment in their development because it has the same characteristics as previous consoles, but without one of the key pieces: the UMD player developed by Sony.
This fact caused a rejection against the product, first, for forcing users to have an ADSL connection with a PC. Second, one must have a checking account associated with the PlayStation Network where they charge you for what you spend.
If we acquire this model paying 250 · (100 · more expensive, certainly, than the previous model, the PSP-3000), we find that the list of games currently available, despite improvements compared to the previous model, is short and expensive to download.
We must keep in mind that we find better prices in physical format and there is nothing new about downloading gaming licenses online, something other platforms have allowed for years.

What have we learned?

After testing this small console with slide screen and that is awkward to play if you have large hands and with a browser that is not very useful, we see that Sony still does not listen and respect the wishes of their fans, such as the remarkable mass petition to be able to have a second analog stick to make it more fun in point and shoot games.
The box is very cute and full of bright colors, but you cannot fool people by making a product attractive. Listening to the public and knowing how to respond in time is what counts.

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