The aim of the Fiasco Awards is rewarding the best projects in the ICT field that have ended up as a FIASCO. We want to promote a critical spirit, a positive attitude towards the obstacles in the road to success, and why not? let's admit it: to have fun. More »
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Finalist Fiascos
Fiasco Awards 2010

During the candidatures' reception period for the 2010 edition of the Fiasco Awards we received a nomination proposing iPad as finalist for the awards. It was a special candidature, because it was a device with great presence on the media but which was not yet on the market. There were opinions in favor and many opinions against. Could it be admitted as a candidate for the Fiasco Awards? The FAT (Fiasco Awards Team) decided in favor: the cybernauts propose the candidates and the cybernauts vote.

The Fiasco
Time has proved that iPad was not a fiasco. On the contrary, it has been a success both in sales and as a concept, to the point where it is leading a new product line in the market. The award it received as a Fiasco 2010 was therefore undeserved or, to put it differently, the fact that a majority of voters turned iPad into the winner was not a guarantee that the device would follow this road.
So, as it was the compromise of the Fiasco Awards organization, being aware of the singularity and risk of the iPad candidature, the Fiasco Awards 2010 are presented as finalist candidate to the 2011 edition of the awards.

Lessons learnt
It has been an interesting experience which allowed us to learn many things: that the future is, luckily, unpredictable. That decisions taken by a vast majority can also be wrong. That a same thing can be fun for some and offensive for others. And once more it gives us the assurance that, no matter what, it is worth trying, in spite of the risk that it might go wrong.

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