The aim of the Fiasco Awards is rewarding the best projects in the ICT field that have ended up as a FIASCO. We want to promote a critical spirit, a positive attitude towards the obstacles in the road to success, and why not? let's admit it: to have fun. More »
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Finalist Fiascos

Del.icio.us is a service platform for managing websites that allows the user to classify, share and tag. Founded by J. Schachter in 2003, Yahoo! acquired it in 2005 and since December 2010, its future is uncertain: in a note sent by Yahoo!, it seemed that they wanted to close the service, but the company later clarified that they want to sell it.

The fiasco
This is a platform that has not been able to fit into business models. First, as an independent platform it was sold and bought by the giant Yahoo!, and over the years, its uncertain future was announced. This situation entails a lack of trust of its users, a decline on its use and, ultimately, a business in decline.

For whatever reason, the business model of Del.icio.us has not fit into Yahoo!. Therefore, the fiasco in this case is the model that this service represents within the structure of a giant like Yahoo!

What can we learn?
Something that succeeds in certain conditions may not reach the expected results when you try to make it fit into another structure.

Del.icio.us found success as an independent platform and has been a service of reference in the 2.0 world, but when it was acquired by Yahoo! it should have undergone a process of adaptation to a big company. If it doesn't adapt to the new resources, it may have to leave (as it seems to be the case).

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