The aim of the Fiasco Awards is rewarding the best projects in the ICT field that have ended up as a FIASCO. We want to promote a critical spirit, a positive attitude towards the obstacles in the road to success, and why not? let's admit it: to have fun. More ╗
Don't be afraid (D'on ve el fred? - ┐Dˇnde vive Alfredo?)
Finalist Fiascos

KetekÚ is the social network Telefˇnica created late 2008 to compete against Facebook and Tuenti. Even Paris Hilton was brought to Madrid to advertise it. They wanted to become the reference social network in the Latin world.

The fiasco
What most struck the first weeks of operation were KetekÚ promotion techniques on other social networks, using commercials, press releases, television celebrities. They even thought spamming was a good idea.
Telefonica invested over 10 million Euro in the KetekÚ launching. At this point KetekÚ has been just as successful as the derivative of the aggressive media promotion.

What can we learn?
A social network is created by and for users. When it reaches a critical mass, commercial derivates can be sought. Telefonica did the opposite: a social network created from a multinational. The message was full of commercial content from the outset. This resulted in rejection on part of the target audience. Telefonica finally froze KetekÚ and bought Tuenti for 70 million euros.

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