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Don't be afraid (D'on ve el fred? - ¿Dónde vive Alfredo?)
Finalist Fiascos
Google Buzz

Forty years after the creation of email, Google asked itself what it would be if designed today. They launched with great fanfare, Google Buzz, a social network that allowed integration with other social networks. You could share all your information with everyone. On a single page, and very quickly the user had Gmail, Google Reader, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa and Youtube.
The product was sold as a serious competitor to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

The fiasco
Five months after its launch, Buzz was already a relic. The main reason was a structural failure of privacy. This caused many protests and a lawsuit in the U.S. for violation of the privacy of users. Google Buzz was built on Gmail. With "autofollow" mail information was shared in social networks "Who told Google that I want my boss to read my contributions to the network?". While this happened, the consolidation and acceptance among Facebook users increased. The network, much more discreet, has refined its search engine and now enables users to access any search through the network.

What can we learn?
The first is that there was nothing uniquely differential for users. Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo are doing similar things. Even the previous attempt, Google Wave was too similar to Buzz. With Facebook leadership already established, the strategy "me too" seems inadequate. As the marketing guru Al Ries said. "If you want to succeed in business or love you should appreciate the importance of being first."
Second, the market is there to compete fiercely, but perhaps users should not see it as the main reason for the product. Perception was that things were done without prioritizing the "welfare of users." This led to first level errors in the structure of privacy.
The most important lesson: Google is a company that succeeds because it has people with talent and because it gives them freedom to take risks. A few months after the failure of Buzz, Google was working on Google Me with the former lessons already learned.

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