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Don't be afraid (D'on ve el fred? - ¿Dónde vive Alfredo?)
Finalist Fiascos

The Voota project was born as the idea citizens were lacking a website where they could talk about politicians and political parties, and where citizens could use an open list of the better-valued politicians, in contrast to the current closed lists of Spain's political system.

Voota.es was born in November 2009 with 150,000 · of financing and was constituted as an Association in legal form. The rest of the financing would come from the prospective partners with minimal contributions from 5·.

Voota.es achieved their highest figures during the Catalan elections in 2010 and 2011. In May 2011 they hit 120,000 viewers a month and reached over 70,000 votes.

The Fiasco
The social utility of Voota (on-line open lists) was clear, but failed to provide to the user the perception of the utility of their participation and their votes on the web.

Another element that failed was not considering the difficulty of making automatic the retrieval of information about the politicians, because it was done manually and was expensive.

The cost of maintaining the wesite and social networks up-to-date was 10,000 · a month from August 2009 until September of 2011, until they lowered the rate to 1,000 · monthly and has used all their available resources.

In September 2011 they decided to close the web and rethink the future of their Association. One option was to give the opensource code aand the money left to a new Voota 2.0, which would have the same spirit with new promoters.

What did we learn?
To achieve success a good idea is not enough, it also needs a team of dedicated and excited people capable of engaging the user.

Perhaps a wiki format would have decreased the costs and increased the involvement of users. The solution would be for an open public data in a handy format, available to others (opendata).

If anything, Voota failed in not providing a place where users could access and participate on a recurring basis.

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