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Finalist Fiascos
Apple Maps

Apple Maps

The Apple company is worldwide known as provider of products that stand by its intuitive usability, by its detailed design and, mainly, by its functionality.
In addition to developing hardware products (iphone, ipad, ipod,?), Apple has also developed software products or services (navegador Safari, ibooks, facetime, ?).
Last September, coinciding with an Operating System update, Apple launched a new Maps service, home-grown made, replacing the one used up to that moment (google maps).

The fiasco
Fiasco was detected all over the word. The app was full of mistakes scattered all over the geography. As an example Berlin was located in Antartic and the Sagrada Familia was placed in Ibiza.
Moreover, it did not include any announced improvement and it did not even achieve the same features as the Google Maps used to have.
Fiasco was so evident that its CEO had to issue a public apology and was forced to recommend other providers maps applications.

What can we learn?
You cannot encourage user expectations when you are not completely sure of complying.
User can accept a change in a service only when he can keep its features, but he will never accept mistakes or loss of features.
A clearly commercial decision (disuse Google maps) can only affect users when they do not lose quality of service.

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