The aim of the Fiasco Awards is rewarding the best projects in the ICT field that have ended up as a FIASCO. We want to promote a critical spirit, a positive attitude towards the obstacles in the road to success, and why not? let's admit it: to have fun. More »
Don't be afraid (D'on ve el fred? - ¿Dónde vive Alfredo?)
Finalist Fiascos


In november 2011 was born Bananity, a virtual community of human passions. It allows you to meet people outside of your usual circles and connect with them through common interest topics. Banananty creates a network beyond the usual circle of friends, sharing passions and discovering new ways to experience and enjoy. The main leaders of this platform were Pau Garcia Mila "a wellknown entrepreneur- and TV conductor Andreu Buenafuente.
As they say, their mission is to help people to enjoy more everything they love. Bananity each is defined by what he loves, hates or wants. They think that a favorite book, toy, or recipe can reveal a common link between people living far apart geographically. With new bananities added every day, people are related based on shared tastes and interests.

The fiasco
Proof of Fiasco's around you, ask how many of your family and friends are in Bananity. Asked what impact has Bananity media level. Ask yourself, are you in Bananity?

What can we learn?
Not only a good investment, a seemingly good project, an expert team of people and a good understanding of technology are enough to create a winning project. The previous successes do not guarantee the success of a project.

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