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Finalist Fiascos
GenCat DTT Pilot Project - Maresme Digital


The project Maresme Digital constituted the first step in the plan for the implementation of the Digital Terrestrial Television (TDT) in Catalonia. The experience was based in giving coverage to the TDT channels of the Televisió de Catalunya (Catalan Public Television) to the region of the Maresme. The aim was, over summer 2004, to service the 170.000 homes of the region, so that they could receive the four digital channels (TV3, C33, K3, 3/24) of Televisió de Catalunya, the pilot channel and the interactive services and contents).
Digital Maresme was an initiative of the Catalan Government, which was looking for a practical experience to foster TDT in Catalonia, by preparing the sector's main agents for the global deployment of the new technology. The project had to contribute a valuable experience in bringing TDT to the whole territory.

The deployment of the TDT in the Maresme had to offer an improvement of the quality of image and sound and to solve the problems of television reception in a geographically difficult area, historically punished by bad coverage and interference.

The fiasco

The Maresme Digital fiasco is basically due to the fact that the TDT relays were only transmitting the regional and local digital channels. People in the area who wanted to watch the state's digital channels needed a second antenna directed to the Collserola's tower, in Barcelona, which did transmit all channels. In addition, coverage failed in some points of the area.

What have we learnt out of it?

This first project for TDT coverage has shown that the supply of television channels cannot be divided and that all the channels must come in a joint package. In other words, any TDT relay must contemplate the whole service and not only a part of it. After Maresme Digital other projects started incorporating all digital channels in their offer.

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